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Uncle Jesse's Pottery Backstory

Jesse Hughs began his love for pottery in high school, where he originally took the class to satisfy the school's fine arts credits. He quickly realized that ceramics was his passion, and he has been working on his own creative style ever since. Jesse built his very own shop and bought a wheel, kiln, and the tools necessary to​ begin his journey as a potter. His style reflects his drive for creativity and adventure, as he continues to develop new shapes and colors on a regular basis. Thank you for supporting him in his work - Jesse's business would not be able to continue to grow if it weren't for you!

Uncle Jesse Himself

On a more personal note, Jesse has been able to live his dream and transition to pottery full-time, loves the outdoors, and is also a collector. Over his life, he has collected rocks, knives, Hot Wheels cars, baseball cards, and more! He loves items with an antique or rustic look to them, and this is even reflected in the style of his pottery. Jesse is a funny, spontaneous, big-hearted, fiery redhead. He knows just what to do or say to make you smile, and he hopes his pottery does the same for you!

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